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Water Wipes 60 Wipes

Code: P06506
Water Wipes 60pack
Case of 12

Product Details

Water Wipes 60 Wipes

WaterWipes, the purest child wipes in the world. WaterWipes is as natural as pure water, made with just two components, 99.9 percent water and 0.1 percent fruit extract. Because WaterWipes is chemically safe, these pure wipes are appropriate not only for the delicate skin of children, but also for the remainder of the family and for sensitive skin types. WaterWipes has been created for the skin of newborn babies which is much more sensitive and delicate than an adult ; but also appropriate for: * Allergy-prone and sensitive skin kinds * Elderly skin care * Pet wipes * General body skin care wipes (for camping, hiking, picnic, sports, etc.). From birth, WaterWipes is appropriate. The skin of newborn infants is 5 times thinner than that of adults! That's why their skin is so delicate and not appropriate for other wipes. We understand parents need up to 10 times a day to alter their baby's nappy. Imagine wiping the components 70 times a week on your baby's skin and locking them up with a nappy.

Manufacturer Details

Manufacturer Bunzl CSS
Manufacturer Code 4121
Manufacturer Bunzl CSS Manufacturer Code 4121